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The New Virtual Paradigm





2020 Investor Relations Report

The Governance Institute of Australia and Redback Connect conducted a survey to better understand how organisations are choosing to communicate with their investors, as well as the reasons driving change.

We found the IR landscape is overwhelmingly a virtual one, with four in five (80%) respondents preferring digital channels for communicating with investors over physical or face-to-face methods.

Ensure your approach to Investor Relations communications takes account of these trends and you’ll not only be ahead of the game in this changing investor environment, but Investor Relations will be a valuable strategic advisor to the leadership team.

Download to discover:

  • How Digital and virtual channels dominate the IR Landscape
  • Investor Relations: An Always-On Proposition
  • The Changing Face of IR Communications
  • Traditional Channels: The Engagement Barrier
  • Virtual Events: Pros & Cons

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